GMPC Talk Danai Theodoraki 2023

Slides of XXIV Congress of GMPCA 2023 talk

SEAFRONT visits the NEaar-Labs in York

In October our research group visited the North East Amino Acid Racemization (NEaar) Lab at the Department of Chemistry of the University of York to date limpet shells using the AAR technique. During our two week visit, we had the opportunity to work together with the members of the lab of Professor Kirsty Penkman dedicated to providing amino acid racemization analysis.

LIBS-System: Delivery to Mainz

Delivery of our new LIBS-System to Mainz! We are finally able to house our LIBS-System in our labs in Mainz. Of course this did not keep us from doing first analyses ( see our earlier blogpost), but those made us even more excited to finally have the it with us for good.