Project Mid-Term

The DFG Emmy-Noether project is grouped into two phases of funding. The second of which is only started after evaluations at mid-term. We are happy to announce that we have just received confirmation of this second round of funding and are looking forward to 3 more years of research!

Since 2021 much has changed, we were able to carry out fieldwork, build a new LIBS-System, move to a new building in Mainz and, most importantly, get some exciting results from archaeological shells. Below is a short selection of photos of the last 3 years and you can access our latest presentation of ongoing work studying climatic changes at Franchthi Cave.

Danai gets to do fieldwork while Niklas stays in pandemic-lockdown.
First shells are being collected
Meeting with LIBS Specialists in Greece who were building the LIBS-system.
Niklas gets to try it out. He is smiling under the mask!

Danai acquires her shell samples from the Argolid Ephorate of Antiquities
The system is delivered to Mainz
We get to be trained in Amino Acid Dating at the NEaar labs in York.
Niklas takes a few months off…
More Mediterranean fieldwork! This is Grotta dell’Uzzo, Italy.
Meeting Collaborators
More collaborators! Here is Rosa working on Cantabrian shells

Finally, here is the presentation from the recent INQUA conference in Rome. It shows some of the methodological background but also the amazing way that we can upscale seasonally resolved climatic information from single layers to within periods to across longer time-scales.

Click here to see the slides
Niklas Hausmann
Niklas Hausmann
Emmy Noether Group Leader